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We are a wholesale supplier of solar panels and systems operating throughout Ireland and the UK. Whether it’s office buildings or large-scale retail and hospitality properties, Eclipse Renewables delivers expert services from design to ongoing support using the latest innovative renewable solutions.

Wholesale Solar

Quality and Reliability

We source only the highest quality solar panels and systems, ensuring reliability and long-term performance. Our rigorous quality control standards mean you can trust that your investment in solar energy is a sound one. Our team of experts collaborates with a diverse array of clients, including specifying engineers, electrical contractors, building owners, government bodies, and residential audio-visual installers.

Our partnerships with global leaders such as ABB, LEDVANCE, and myenergi, along with several others, have allowed us to ensure the highest quality products and services for our clients. These collaborations enable us to provide cutting-edge renewable solutions, backed by the reliability and innovation of industry-leading brands.

Our Solar Energy Systems

We supply everything from solar panels, batteries, inverters, mounting systems and accessories. With our smart solutions such as the LEDVANCE Smart Control App, you can manage the whole Renewables photovoltaic system. The app offers a comprehensive overview of all crucial data from your energy management system, enhancing your control over lighting and solar energy. It provides status reports on your system, batteries, and inverters, allowing you to stay informed even while on the go.

The solutions we supply are flexible and scalable, with the ability to integrate with other brands and products. Guaranteeing trouble-free installation, seamless integration and error-free operation.

Solar Panels

As the LEDVANCE Solar PV Distribution Partner in Ireland, we supply a variety of different solar panels, including power ratings ranging from 405 to 660W, and the choice between monofacial or bifacial construction, clients can select panels tailored to their specific requirements. This extensive lineup also includes a variety of designs, ensuring compatibility with various applications and aesthetic preferences.

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Battery Storage Units

Our various battery types are available for ideal performance and energy storage, compatible with various brands of inverters and offer easy, offline configuration. Featuring a built-in explosion relief device for added safety, the stacks connect in series without the need for cables, simplifying setup and expansion without additional configuration.

With a 10-year product guarantee and environmentally friendly design, our solutions provide reliable and sustainable energy management.

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Solar inverters convert the direct current (DC) energy generated by solar panels into usable alternating current (AC) energy, which powers homes and commercial buildings.

We offer a complete range of LEDVANCE solar inverters, including both single-phase, three-phase and hybrid inverters. Robust, efficient, and intelligent string and hybrid inverters. Ideal for those aiming to boost self-sufficiency and resilience in their renewable energy systems. Stored electricity can be utilised to meet energy demands during the night.

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Mounting Systems

Our premium mounting system range includes pre-assembled and partially pre-installed substructures, as well as custom-made solutions developed in close cooperation with our partners. Our offerings cover flat roofs, pitched roofs, and ground-mounted systems.

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Mounting System

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