Becoming the LEDVANCE Solar PV Distribution Partner in Ireland

Continuing to grow our partnership with global leaders LEDVANCE.

LEDVANCE Partnership

Furthering Our Partnership with Global Leaders, LEDVANCE

Earlier this week at the Light + Building Show in Frankfurt we signed a multi-million euro deal with our valued partners LEDVANCE. We are thrilled to be continuing our commitment to building towards a sustainable future while maintaining our dedication to delivering high-quality service to our clients.

This partnership with LEDVANCE has allowed us to become a ‘One Stop Shop’ for Solar Power Systems with the ability to supply everything from Solar Panels, Batteries, inverters and a fantastic smart control system which allows users to analyse and get a quick overview of all the important data from your energy management system.

Solar PV Range

With a variety of different solar panels available, including power ratings ranging from 405 to 660W, and the choice between monofacial or bifacial construction, clients can select panels tailored to their specific requirements. This extensive lineup also includes a variety of designs, ensuring compatibility with various applications and aesthetic preferences.

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Solar Panels

Grants & Supports

There are a number of supports and grants currently available in Ireland to help businesses and property owners move towards renewable energy solutions such as the SEAI grants. There has never been a better time to make this move and avail of these supports. The benefits of employing renewable energy systems are significantly considerable and with the ongoing instability of energy costs in Ireland these solutions can provide financial sustainability along with helping create a greener, cleaner environment for all.

Grants and Supports
SEAI Solar Grants

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